About Us

Our focus is providing our clients with industry leading technology used to create a Gaming platform and Gaming content essential for building a successful operation.


We firmly believe in collaborative work and sharing a common goal with people and brands that contribute to our success. Find out more about some of the great brands we work with.

Our beginning

Patagonia Entertainment began as a development project for video-bingo games for online casinos. Over time and due to the huge success of our games, with Pachinko as our main mascot, we have become a thriving company.
Since 2014 we have dedicated ourselves to developing our own games, which are modern and adaptable for mobile. On top of that, we won new clients and achieved greater growth, reaching several regions in Latin America, which made us one of the best-known video-bingo providers in Latin America.

In 2016 we started to integrate other gaming providers onto our portfolio. In addition to video-bingo games, we started to offer slot machines, board games, among others, becoming a complete gaming platform for online casinos.

During 2018, Patagonia Entertainment acquired the AutoGameSYS gaming platform,to become a true omnichannel solution, offering not only content to online casinos, but also the opportunity to enable their clients to develop their own gaming platforms.

Without the work of our team, which has always committed itself to improving the quality of our services, and without the support of our clients and partners, which are a huge part of our growth, none of this would have been possible.

What we offer

Patagonia Gaming Platform offers a wide variety of features and specifications to grow your business in the online world.

In addition to the complete platform which has been designed according to our clients’ wishes, we offer a full catalogue of content with games for all areas of your casino: sports betting, live bets, bingo, casino and board games, amongst others.

We also connect your land-based casino to the online version through our omnichannel platform system. As a consequence, we can create new features you may need and carry out any integration you want. Everything we do is at the discretion of our clients.

If you’re thinking about taking your business to another level, our business model is based on a revenue sharing mechanic and on the long-term success of our clients. This means that your performance is our success. Our mission is to be the leading provider in the gaming industry, interacting with our clients as partners, not as income generators.